Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wounded Alpaca

   Slept in till 8 a.m. today, ahhhhhhhh.  Got up, looked at my Etsy account, favorited some things and went to make breakfast, but no eggs.

  So, I aimed my vehicle toward the grocery store and found out 40 million chickens were killed from some type of bird flue. Sorry, but expect eggs to be high for awhile. I may have to rethink having chickens and move the plan up a bit on the priority scale after that bit of news.

   When I came home, Robert and I went out to one of the paddocks to check on Klickitat, one of our unproven herdsires. 

   He wasn't putting weight on his right back leg.  Sure enough, it was swollen and a scab had formed above the foot.  I gave him a shot of Banamine for pain and to reduce any inflammation. His temperature was up a little, so I gave him another shot of an antibiotic. We soaked the area above his foot where a scab had formed with epsom salts and warm water.  This made it easy to pull off the scab and it's a good thing we did, as it was full of pus.

   I had my handy dandy plastic carry-all with peroxide, antiseptic, gauze and everything else needed for a situation like this.   In other words, I was prepared.  
   After cleaning and squeezing the gunk out of the sore spot, I noticed two small puncture wounds.  It looked like he had been bitten by a snake and it got infected.  

   Thank goodness, there aren't any poisonous snakes in
Western Washington and for Dr. Castle teaching me
what to do in a case like this one.

I had to take a picture of it to see what you think????  Will need to clean in it a couple times a day, continue with the antibiotics and the banamine.