About Alpacas at the Well

Owning alpacas was never something Robert and I had ever discussed or planned, but it was our destiny.

You see, Robert's background is in retail management and mine is in healthcare management.  In fact, I never even got my fingernails dirty (I hated dirty fingernails).  We were city dwellers and I'm talking Los Angeles County & Orange County where you're more concerned about your looks, car and house than you are about love or integrity.

Robert, our daughter Sarah and I had moved from California to Washington state  a few years before we met the fabulous alpaca. 

Our amazing life change started when I noticed a place for sale a couple miles from our home.   I immediately told Robert about this very private property at the end of a long dirt road, with beautiful big fir trees, pastures and a smallish house way in the back of the land.  I was insistent that we really needed this property, although I had no idea why.  Being an extremely supportive husband, he agreed and called a real estate agent that night, got an appointment to see it the next day and made an offer that they accepted the following morning.  Everything fell into place.

The home sat empty for the first 6 months, then we rented it out to some 4-H friends.  We still didn't have a clue why we needed the place.

Then, a close friend and I went to the San Juan Islands on her visit from San Francisco.  There they were, baby llamas (so I thought) at Krystal Acres.  We drove onto their gorgeous ranch and down the winding road to their farm store.  Hah, it was more like walking into a shop in Beverly Hills with incredibly soft sweaters, coats and other garments that were all labeled "Alpaca".  Finally, I asked, "what's an alpaca?" 
My quest of the 2000 year old domesticated camelid had begun.

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