Monday, June 29, 2015


Alpaca Fiber Pathway in my Garden

    Now this is fun.  I am in the process of spreading alpaca fiber in all the pathways of my garden.  My expectations are that the fiber will keep the weeds down, so I will have a lot less maintenance.  And, the fiber should keep things from becoming a muddy mess.

     All I have to do is wet felt all of it.  That, my friends is going to be a lot of work.   The fiber needs to be felted, so it doesn't end up all over the yard on a windy day.  that would really be a mess.
     I'm only using thirds,  This is fiber that most people throw away.  It's shorn from the animals lower legs, belly and around the butt.  Plus, I have a few years worth as I've been saving it for just this type of occasion.  You know the old saying, "waste not, want not".
     My next step will be to put some water, soap and a little vinegar in a bottle to spray the fiber.  Then, I'll do a little dance all over it to rub and mat it together.    

Image result for felting mongolian style

                            The two photos below show how the Mongolian people felt large pieces.
They either beat the fiber to death with
sticks or wrap it and drag it behind a
horse, turning it several times.                                      Image result for Mongolian style feltmaking on horse